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I am here to serve you whether it be a birthday party, anniversary, private event etc. 

Let me help you with creating a show stopping jaw dropping event. So please consider allowing me to be your custom décor designer bringing a personal touch and love to your next social event.

Nana's Party Decor

Nana's Party Decor 2

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My Services
Wedding Decor              

($800 - $2000)

Nana’s Décor will make your Wedding
event attractive and one-of-a-kind festival. Nana’s Décor will use Place cards, cake stands, centerpieces, confetti, ring pillows, favor and will put a lot of little details go into making your wedding one-of-a-kind. Contact Nana’s Décor if you are planning a Church wedding, a city hall ceremony, an intimate affair, or a black-tie extravaganza. 

Anniversary Decor          

($500 - $1000)

Nana Décor knows that Anniversary parties are special because of the fond memories of a couple's special day. Nana’s Décor will make this special occasion memorable and attractive for the couple as they celebrate it with relatives and friends.

Party Decor                    

($250 - $800)

Nana’s Décor will make your party event fun and an exciting festival. Nana’s Décor will decorate for your various parties: Valentine's Day party, drape your house in red and pink decorations. Graduation Party, Birthday Party, etc. 

Funeral Decor                 

($500 - $1000)

Nana’s Décor will make your reception after the funeral (the wake) a memorable event to celebrate the life of your love one. Nana’s Décor will also decorate for other events to honors people who have won or achieved something.

Other Decor                   

($250 - $2000)

Others not mentioned here..



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